The Life and Death of Auto Mag

This description was taken from Bert’s website:

For the last 8 years I have been working on the Auto Mag book production! Chapter 1 is now complete and ready for sale! Lots of folks have been watching its progress via my AutoMagHeaven website. Many have felt excitement with the knowledge that an author would publish the total book of Auto Mag. Its title is:

The Life and Death of Auto Mag
Harry W. Sanford’s Bold Adventure

The first chapter, From Dreams to Reality, spotlight the people involved with the germ of an idea for a powerful, high velocity cartridge. The final pistol would be of Stainless Steel and be a semi automatic handgun. The idea P38 frame morphs into trial and error, culminating in the production of the number 001 Auto Mag. You’ll enjoy seeing all of the frames and parts of these formative times. Lots of photographs of frames, parts, important people, and XP Auto Mags will keep you enthralled. Early documents and text by your author will keep you reading.

The pricing for this labor of love will be twofold. It is in an 8 ½ by 11 inch size and an 11 by 17 inch size. Each one will be identical except for the size. The cover page sports a hand calligraphied title and is adorned with a 3D print, which does not need 3D glasses to view. Two sided heavy weight photo paper is used throughout. All components of the book are of the highest possible quality! I’m sure you’ll agree after you pick it up.

We finally get to pricing:
8 ½ by 11 inch $250 plus shipping and handling
11 by 17 inch $425 plus shipping and handling

I’ll ship anyway you’d like but USPS priority would be the least expensive. Give it a try; you’ll love it.