Debroers Productions

The “AutoMag Pistols” is a DVD that shows the AutoMag range from the original .44 AutoMag all the way through to the AutoMag V.

Each pistol is given it’s own section that includes footage of the pistol being shot, stills of the pistols, slow motion clips of the action and working’s of the pistols and a section on how to strip and clean each pistol.

One of the clips of the AutoMag V shows a set of three pins, when the shooter shoots the first pin you see the other two fall to the floor due to the shock wave of the blast a truly memorable site to see.

You can get hold of the DVD by contacting Debroers Productions at

The cost of the DVD is 30 Euro or 35 dollars plus postage.

I have put some stills & a clip from the DVD for you to look at.


The main menu

The AutoMag V being shot

The Stripdown of the .44 AutoMag

The clip